Hopson Papers


  • Testimony of Alfred Hopson, father of Eben Hopson, regarding the interactions between Arctic slope residents and visitors from Outside, 1898-1970.



  • Official position paper of the North Slope borough regarding the proposed ad valorem tax on oil properties, by Eben Hopson, Mayor, North Slope Borough.



  • 14 MAY 74: Demos Set Convention, The NOME NUGGET
  • 25 MAY 74: Demos Gather for State Convention, ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS
  • 28 MAY 74: Governor, ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS (extensive Hopson quotes)
  • 05 JUN 74: Campaign '74, ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS
  • 07 JUN 74: Campaign '74, ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS
  • 17 JUN 74: Hopson Pushes Governor's Bid with Emphasis on Boroughs, FAIRBANKS DAILY NEWS-MINER (Minto speech)
  • JUL 74: Who Is Eben Hopson? (press release)
  • 30 JUL 74: Eleven Candidates Speak, ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS
  • 30 JUL 74: Egan Campaign War Chest Twice Other Candidates', FAIRBANKS DAILY NEWS-MINER
  • 01 AUG 74: News Note on Campaign Treasurer, ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS


  • 23 JUL 1974: Statement to Stockholders, Cook Inlet Region, Inc.



  • 09 SEPT 1975: Request for Lilly Endowment Grant Support for First International Inuit Community Conference.
  • Fall 1975: Related Correspondence related to above grant application.


  • 1976: Mayor Eben Hopson's Testimony before the Berger Inquiry on the Experience of the Arctic Slope Inupiat with Oil and Gas Development in the Arctic.


  • SUMMER 1976: Political Statement for Anchorage Press Conference Upon Eben's Return to Alaska after Treatment for Cancer.
  • 14 JUL 1976: Materials Related to Alaska Delegation to Democratic National Convention: Beaufort Sea/Arctic Policy Resolution.
  • 19 AUG 1976: A Local Energy Policy for Barrow...Prepared Testimony Before the PL 94-258 Gas Rate Hearings, Barrow. AK.
  • 05 OCT 1976: Eben Hopson's Address to the Members of the Western Alaska Building and Construction Trades Council
  • 16 OCT 1976: The Influence of the State Constitution and the Development of Local Government in Rural Alaska, delivered to the members of the Constitutional Convention gathered at the University of Alaska.
  • 20 OCT 1976: Responses to 15 Questions Submitted by the Anchorage Times.
  • 22 OCT 1976: Speech Before the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention
  • 28 OCT 1976: Speech Before the Bartlett Democratic Club
  • 01 NOV 1976: Speech to the People of Kodiak: OCS Environmental Assessment Program
  • 06 NOV 1976: Statement to Some University of Alaska/Anchorage Students
  • 12 DEC 1976: The Professional Biography of Eben Hopson


  • 21 APR 1977: Billy Neakok, Director, Department of Conservation and Environmental Security, North Slope Borough Policy Statement.
  • 16 MAY 1977: Hopson's Testimony on Environmental Impact Assessments Associated with Prudhoe Bay Gas Pipeline Proposals: Council on Environmental Quality.


  • 13 June 1977: Mayor Eben Hopson's Welcoming Address, First Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Utkeagvikmi (Barrow, AK)
  • June 1977: Final Report -- First Inuit Circumpolar Conference.
  • 25-27 April 1978: Mayor Eben Hopson's Address: "The Role of Regional Government on Arctic Resource Development," Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Consultation on Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in the Arctic, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • 07 February 1983: ICC Granted United Nations Status (Arctic Policy Review)
  • 06 OCT 1977: Greenland Workers Strike -- letter to Eben Hopson, chair, Inuit Circumpolar Conference, from Jens Lyberth, Secretary General, Association of Workers in Greenland; duplicate telegram sent to Charlie Edwardsen Jr., NSB Washington D.C. Legislative Liaison, 13 OCT 1977.
  • 26 OCT 1977: Telex from Joergen Peder Hansen, Minister for Greenland, to Eben Hopson informing him of negotiations progress.
  • 16 NOV 1977: Telex from Jens Thorsen, Danish Employers Confederation, to Eben Hopson informing him that negotiations had been completed.
  • 11 NOV 1977: Hopson's Address on Government Relations, 1977 AFN Convention, Anchorage.
  • Undated: Letter to Borgmester Eben Hopson from Kujanak . Language: "Kallallit" (Greenlandic).


  • 16 FEB 1978: Hopson Remarks: Completion of Barrow's Water Source Construction Project.
  • 25 FEB 1978: Address to the People of the AVCP Region on Subsistence Management and the Role of the Village.
  • 19 APR 1978: Letter to Eben Hopson re: Canadian Seal Hunt (plus one to Brigitte Bardot from Prime Minister P.E. Trudeau on same subject)
  • 25-27 APR 1978: Inuit Circumpolar Conference. Consultation on Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in the Arctic, Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Mayor Eben Hopson's Address on the Role of Regional Government in Arctic Resource Development.
  • 19 MAY 1978: Spirit of Knud Rasmussen: Hopson and Greenland's Chemnitz Plan Inuit Unity (and Photo)
  • 22 MAY 1978: Buena Vista College: Hopson Awarded Honorary Doctor of Laws degree.
  • 03 JUN 1978: Hopson Remarks: Tourism in the North Slope Borough.
  • 23 JUN 1978: Hopson's Address: London Press Corps re: bowhead whales.
  • 17 AUG 1978: Hopson Warning: Don't Vote for Walter Hickel.
  • 26 SEP 1978: Letter from William H. Dubay, Advocacy Planning Associates, to Mayor Eben Hopson - regarding indiscretions on the part of poorly trained tour guides in Barrow.
  • 05 DEC 1978: Hopson Testimony: U.S. Department of the Interior Hearing, Lifting the Ban on Joint Bidding by Companies Producing More Than 1.6 Million Barrels of Oil a Day worldwide in the Proposed Joint State-Federal Sale of Oil and Gas Leases.


  • 16 JAN 1979: Bowhead Whale Conference: Statement by Eben Hopson.
  • 31 MAR 1979: Joint Federal-State Beaufort Sea Lease Sale: Eben Hopson's testimony before the Joint Finance/Resource Committee Hearings.
  • 06 APR 1979: Hopson leads Alaskan delegation to Greenland Home Rule Inauguration.
  • 23 APR 1979: Alaska Legislative Salute on Greenland Home Rule Inauguration.
  • 23 APR 1979: Alaska Legislative Resolution requesting the establishment of an Arctic Circumpolar Cultural and Technical Interchange Center.
  • 01 MAY 1979: Hopson's Address to the Inauguration of the Greenland Landsting


  • Final Biography of Eben Hopson (most complete).
  • Eulogy for Eben Hopson, by Edward Hoffman, Sr., Chief, Association of Village Council Presidents.



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